Oslo is a hit, says critics. The theatre concert tells the story of two Norwegian diplomats in a rare show of politics on the stage. The story follows the events of 1993, where leaders in both Palestine and Israel shook hands at the White House.

The world watching didn’t realize that negotiations were held on this iconic day in the middle of Oslo, away from the world’s eyes.

The true story follows the diplomats who lived a tale that includes the groundbreaking Oslo Peace Accords. Secret talks, impossible friendships and an irresistible cast make this a fast-paced, gripping story that’s witty and “flawless.”

The 2-hour, 55-minute performance has an interval and is running through the end of December. The cast of the show provides an array of talent that brings the story to life, including:

  • Geraldine Alexander playing the role of Toril Grandal / Marianna Heiberg. Alexander’s career includes performances in Oslo, Pillars of the Community, Holy Terror and Sweet Bird of Youth in the West End. She has appeared in dozens of other television, theatre and film performances in her career.
  • Philip Arditti plays the role of Uri Savir. Trained at RADA, Ardittti has played in England People Very Nice, The Holy Rosenbergs and As You Like It. He has an extensive resume that includes television performances on House of Saddam, Borgia, Game of Thrones and movie roles in Inferno, Red 2 and numerous other films.
  • Thomas Arnold plays the role of Ron Pundak and Jan Egeland. He has performed on stage in Three Sisters, Henry IV and The Stoppard Trilogy. He has performed in Hamlet and The Lorax, too. His television resume includes parts in Demons, Midsomer Murders and Wolf Hall to name a few. He has also performed on the big screen in Robin Hood, The Woman in Black and Bel Ami.

The show is an intellectual thriller that’s fast-paced and complex. The show experience might seem slow and redundant, but the talks of Middle East peace is nothing short of thrilling. Fast-paced and witty, the performance is charming and follows a truly fascinating story.

Meetings take place in a manor house 30 miles outside of Oslo that change the pace of history.

The cast, consisting of 18 strong actors, is said to be magnificent without a weak link in the group. The story provides a glimpse into a time when peace talks changed history. The show closes as an eye-opening event to how far humanity has come.