Hamlet, the shocking Shakespearean tale, is set for a national tour in 2018. The riveting tale of murder and revenge begins with a student that arrives home from university. The student who once had his life right in front of him now has his life thrown in chaos.

He doesn’t know who to believe. He doesn’t know who to trust.

Hamlet’s mission is to expose the truth and avenge his father’s brutal death. Called home by the ghost of his father, Hamlet descends into a dark journey that includes lost love, madness and perils that no young man should have to endure.

The production mixes modern times with the past to provide a stylish, modern performance.

The play, at the heart of it, is about spying. Everyone is spying on someone, and there is an eerie reminder that people today still spy on themselves. Frantic in his appearance, the prince allows himself to slowly descend into madness in front of the crowd.

Brilliant in his communication, he is coupled with Gertrude and Claudius who bring love and infatuation to the stage. Hamlet quickly realizes that there was more to his father than he ever knew.

Emotion fills the performance with the use of musical notes and a final duel. The night is a long one, with most performances lasting for nearly four hours and two breaks to keep the crowd entertained.

The original play is broken down into five acts. Modern versions of the play still follow the basic acts, adding in their own twists and turns along the way. Costume, song and special effects keep the modern version of Hamlet interesting and exciting for viewers.

The first act begins with the prince being told of a ghostly appearance of his father. The events are riveting leading into Act II, where Ophelia tells her father that Hamlet seemed crazy the night before. The madness of Hamlet begins to spiral at this point, and he eventually confronts Claudius about his father’s death ending the scene.

Act III is filled with excitement as Hamlet gets into heated arguments with Polonius. Death, carnage and mistakes fill the remainder of the scene.

Act IV begins with a trip to England, and characters in France and Claudius fearing for their own lives. Act V, the most thrilling act in the play, is filled with adventure, surprise and death. The story is just as immersive and exciting today as it was in the legendary day of Shakespeare.